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By Air

Nearest airport is Edremit Korfez Airport (IATA: EDO, ICAO: LTFD) has began to the service. Balikesir Coach Terminal is out of the city so that there are servicing by municipality to the city centre.On the other hand, the Railway Station is at Republica Square.

By Train

Balikesir lies on the junction of railroads stretching to north (Marmara coast) and to east (Central Anatolia) from Izmir.The station is located at Republic Square (Cumhuriyet Meydanı) on the eastern edge of downtown. Across the highway from the station is the old bus terminal, Eski Garaj.

By Bus

Balikesir lies on the main route that the buses between Istanbul and Izmir take, so has a very high frequency of buses (several every hour) from those two major centres. Buses arriving from destinations around Turkey come into a new bus terminal (Otogar) on Bandirma Caddesi (the old highway to Bursa and Istanbul), just inside the ringroad (Cevre Yolu) at the extreme northern end of the city. Just outside the terminal building is a bus stop where buses (1.35 TL) go every half hour or so into the city. To get to the sites listed on this page, take the bus to its terminal (about 15-20 min), the old bus terminal (Eski Garaj) at Republic Square (Cumhuriyet Meydanı).

By Ferry

Balikesir is a city that has shores on the Aegean and Marmara Seas.Although Balikesir is an inland city away from the sea, you can take fast ferries from Istanbul to Bandirma and then take the train or the bus for the rest.

By Car

Balikesir lies on the main highway between Istanbul and Izmir (D565), with connections to D200/E90, which leads to Bursa in the east and Canakkale in the west.

Key places to visit
Hidrellez, The Liberation Day, Balikesir Museum of National Resistance, Balikesir National Museum of Photography, Zagnos Pasha Mosque


Places to Visit


is by tradition celebrated in the first week of May for those who live in Balikesir.Today, it is the fulfillment of a religious ritual that is celebrated as a day of goodness.The night on the streets there is a fire, and one of the traditions is to jump over the fire seven times.That night going to such green and restful areas as Degirmenbogazi and Balikesir Parkı or near the religious area like tombs is also a ritual of Hıdrellez.People wish the midnight and meet there.Accordingly Hıdrellez day people have offerings.Drawing a picture of something that is desired to land or stone is determined.Individuals seeking goods put money into a red purse and hang it on a tree.On the other hand those wishing for a baby type the name or draws baby figure on the ground.These rituals are traditions of Hıdrellez.One of the superstitions is that if someone takes a shower that night, he or she is protected from all diseases.Hidrellez is a kind of Newroz or Spring New Years.

The Liberation Day

from enemy occupation of Balikesir is 6 September in 1922.Every year 6 September is celebrating day as a local holiday.There is a celebration parade and a celebratory ceremony.The ceremony takes place on Stadium Street.In the past, the previous night of 6 September, the main streets of Balikesir were washed with cologne with lilies, because lilies are a symbol of Balikesir. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. For two or three days, the people would come from the nearby villages and districts to celebrating. On 6 September morning, people in Balikesir would picnic in advance of the festival, at Balikesir Park.The festival evening, a great torchlight procession is organized.Tulu Tabaklar which had designed similary the cannibals in order to frighten the enemies is special event of festival.

Balikesir Museum of National Resistance

Until the National Resistance Museum, Old City Hall building was used as a, as a mansion in 1840 Mehmet Pasha Square Starboard Treasurer Girıdizade yaptırılmıştır.1800 lu years, instead of lighting up a fire as a result of his grandson Halit Pasha built the present mansion. Host, has been a place where important services during the War of Independence.Consisting of sections spanning two floors the ground floor of the Museum of National Resistance, who led the establishment of Balikesir Milliyesinin Forces Flag Man received 41 written decisions, decisions made ​​in 5 pieces of the Congress, the heroes inherent articles, photos and pictures taken during a rally on display with the Ancestor Balikesir.The second floor of the museum, archaeological artifacts and the emerging regional ethnographic works are exhibited in our province. Balikesir is a first for Turkey and the National Museum of Photography 'which form the basis of the "Old Cameras" section in the museum's second floor.

Balikesir National Museum of Photography

Turkey's first and only museum of photography.The museum was inaugurated on 19 May 2006 in the province of Balikesir.Photo exhibit of the museum for the history of the objects within the M. There is also a special library named Photo Library Sure Tan.Balikesir Museum of Photography, and M. Sure Tan Photo Library, the nation Dumlupinar Street District is a historic 150-year 2-storey building and is located immediately adjacent to the 3-storey new building. Balikesir Art Photographers Association (BASAF)'s chairman Oymak was founded by Attorney Anderson. Museum, 2 exhibition halls, machine technology center, library, photographic equipment, dark room, the hall with artifacts and historical and technical value of the building which consists of cameras exhibit hall.The country's first Muslim museum can be seen in the photo studio, photo postcards of Resna ya.

Zagnos Pasha Mosque

Built by Zagnos Pasha, grand vizier of Mehmed II period (1451-81) as a religious complex, only mosque and baths have remained to the date.

Right Time to Visit

May - August
November - March