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Bahia Blanca

Buenos Aires
Bahia Blanca
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By Air

Bahia Blanca is served by Comandante Espora Airport (BHI/SAZB).There are two daily short-haul flights from Bahia Blanca (BHI) to the domestic flights airport at Buenos Aires (AEP) named "Aeroparque" during weekdays and once a day on Saturday and Sunday, whose carrier is just one: Aerolineas Argentinas.The Navy operates also a weekly flight to and from Buenos Aires, for servicepeople who commute between the two cities.The local airport's runways belong to the Navy Aviation (BACE, standing for Base Aeronaval Comandante Espora).There is a civilian terminal supported by the City Council apart from the military one.The civilian terminal is undergoing important renovation.

By Train

There is a daily train from Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires city served by Ferrobaires and another every weekend to Carmen de Patagones.Prices are around $35 (US$ 11) Bahia Blanca-Buenos Aires and 10$ (U$ 3) Bahia Blanca-Carmen de Patagones.Train to Buenos Aires leaves daily at 21:30 arriving in BUE at 07:15. To Patagones, Fridays at 17:00.

By Bus

The bus terminal of the city, recently remodelled and redesigned, services the whole country.The bus transportation system has a wider range of short, medium and long distance connections and destinations offering lots of overnight trips from Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires, to hundreds of cities and towns throughout the country and also to neighbouring countries such as Chile.

By Road

The main route, Ruta Nacional 3, is divided there into 3 North, leading to Olavarria and Buenos Aires and 3 South leading to Viedma, Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia, Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande and Ushuaia.Another routes are National Routes 35, leading to Santa Rosa and Rio Cuarto 33 leading to Trenque Lauquen and Rosario, and 22 which leads to Neuquen Province.

Key places to visit
May Park, Sculpture Walk, Bahia Blanca of Port History Museum, Bahia Blanca of Historical Museum, Bahia Blanca city Theater


Places to Visit

May Park

is a recreational green space and most important city of Bahia Blanca, south of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.It covers over 60 hectares of tree plantations and has health track, soccer, softball field, an amphitheater, a BMX track, bike paths, playgrounds and a large artificial lake in which boating can be.In its trace is dominated by winding curves and inviting to walk and go into the striking forest scenery.The current Park May the city of Bahia Blanca, owes its origin to a private project by a group of neighbors that by 1906 municipal presentations began to carry it out.This project involved the construction of the exclusive neighborhood of houses and extensive tree planting, the image of the alpine zone of Central Europe, situated on the banks of the Arroyo Naposta.On December 25, 1906 was celebrated the inauguration of the new park and four years later, in 1910, its name was changed to May Park to mark the centenary of the May Revolution in Argentina is celebrated.In 1940 the architect Manuel Mayer projected Palihue Golf Club on the east side of the park, across the stream, and development adjoining the picturesque neighborhood park Palihue met initial project objectives neighborhood park.

Sculpture Walk

is one of the many green spaces in the city of Bahia Blanca, south of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.It is located in the Avenida Urquiza, on the casing of Naposta Arroyo and is decorated with works carried out during the 1st National Symposium of Monumental Sculpture held in the city.The same took place in October 1993 and was promoted by the Museum of Contemporary Art.Another distinctive element of this ride is the source built on a circular base of 300 m2, where 9 water jets to reach a height of 7 m.The works located on the Paseo de Bahia Blanca Sculptures are works of monumental proportions that were carried out with the recycling of scrap rail.These sculptures, which weigh between 700 and 4,000 kg, were made ​​by 10 sculptors and a group of 30 assistants, and acquired by the municipality.

Bahia Blanca of Port History Museum

On the outskirts of town in a former customs building that’s hardly noticeable among the massive grain elevators and fortress-like power plant of Puerto Ingeniero White the Museo del Puerto is an iconoclastic tribute to immigrants and their heritage, and includes an archive with documents, photographs and recorded oral histories.The best time to visit is for a weekend afternoon tea, when local groups prepare regional delicacies, each week representing a different immigrant group.Live music often accompanies the refreshments.Bus 500 from the Plaza Rivadavia goes to the museum.

Bahia Blanca of Historical Museum

In the Teatro Municipal building, the Museo Histórico has displays including indigenous artifacts and collections that represent important episodes in the life of the region, such as its founding as a military base and the arrival of the railways.

Bahia Blanca City Theater

is one of the most remarkable cultural centers in the city.This building is even more remarkable due to its privileged location at the beginning of the Alem Avenue.Inaugurated in 1913, this theater can accommodate up to 850 people distributed in preferential seats, boxes, economic seats and an official box.It also features six rehearsal rooms and multiple workshops.It is considered one of the ten most important theaters in the country, with an average of 300 shows per year.

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