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Western Desert
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By bus

There are regular bus services from Cairo to Bahariyya and back. Buses start from Turgoman Square bus-station in Cairo. Buses start early in the morning (7:00am/8:00am) and also during afternoon. It typically takes about 5 hours by bus for the Cairo-Bahariyya trip. One way cost is typically about 30 LE. Seats are numbered but Egyptians regularly will take your seat or demand that you get up from where you're sitting if you're in the first row. On some buses they will have the TV blaring. Sometimes all speakers don't work. If you end up sitting near a speaker that does work or the only one that works, don't be afraid to ask to switch your seat. Be firm and demand it.

By microbus

It is also possible to rent a microbus privately to go to Bahariyya. Microbuses are available at the same place (El Moneeb bus-station). A one-way trip costs about 300-400 LE. Time taken is about 3.5-4 hours depending on breaks.

Key places to visit
The Black Desert, White Desert National Park, Oasis Heritage Museum


Places to Visit

The Black Desert

This is located about half an hour's drive away from Bahariyya. It consists of an area of the Sahara Desert which consists of small mountains and hillocks which are sooty black in color. The combination of the black stones covering the hills along with the orange/ochre ground of the desert makes for dramatic viewing. A climb up one of the hills rewards the visitor with an excellent view of a fascinating landscape. The sole method of visiting the Black Desert is via a guided tour in an SUV.

White Desert National Park

This is a large expanse of the Sahara Desert characterized by white chalk formations. Centuries of erosion have moulded the rock into fantastic shapes and has resulted in a spectacular sights which have become extremely popular with visitors. The White Desert National Park is located about 100 km from Bahariyya off the road that goes to Farafra. The usual way to go there is via a 4X4 SUV - though there is also the option of going on a walking tour once you reach the place. More adventurous travelers can pack a sleeping bag, food and a lot (a lot!) of water and ask the driver of some Bahariyya-Farafra bus to stop in the middle of the desert (there are at least two Upper Egypt buses daily plus a variety of local transports).

Oasis Heritage Museum

45 EGP. It is splitted in 3 parts: a mummies museum (about 6-8), two well-conserved tombs and a third one (?). The first two can easily be joined by foot, but you need a car to get to the third.

Right Time to Visit

February - May
October - December