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Bantayan is a 2nd class municipality on Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

It is the island's most populous town, with a population of 71,655 people according to the 2007 census. It is bordered to the north by Madridejos and to the southeast by Santa Fe.

Bantayan Islands is geographically in the center of the Philippines. It is located at the northwestern side of Cebu and northeastern of Negros Oriental. It is a town of Cebu and is about 80 miles from Cebu City. The main Bantayan Island is about 7 miles wide by 10 miles long. About 20 of its islets stretch for another 5 miles long with some being accessible by foot from the main island at low tide. Mostly all the ships or ferryboats coming from Mindanao or south of Cebu have to pass by Bantayan Islands on its way to Manila. The Bantayan dialect is a mixture of native Cebuano, Ilongo (Negros), Waray (Samar), Masbateño, and Boholano, but it has words it can call its own such as “kakyop, sara, kag buwas“ (yesterday, today, and tomorrow).

Bantayan Islands is considered as Cebu’s fishing ground where shiploads and boatloads of fish are transported daily to Cebu City and Negros. Tons of guinamos (salted fish) and buwad (dried fish) are delivered to Cebu City and Cadiz, Negros for further distribution to as far as Mindanao and Manila. Equally important is the thriving poultry industry with hundreds of thousands of chicken eggs produced daily.

Bantayan Island is a beautiful gem of an island located north of mainland Cebu, Bantayan Island offers pristine beaches, sumptuous fresh seafood at jaw-droppingly low prices, and the famous danggit - this crunchy salty dried fish that is so good with fried rice at breakfast.

Bantayan Island is one of the 15 islands clustered off the northern point of Cebu Island. It is renowned for its powder white sands, crystal clear water, especially along the southwest coast and a low-key, laid-back resort with friendly locals.

During holy week, on Maunday Thursday and Good Friday, both locals and visitors get together by the thousands at the town center of Bantayan to be part of the Lenten procession of religious symbols and images symbolizing the Passion of Christ.

Bantayan island, the shining tropical paradise in Asia is commonly known as an island paradise in Philippines. Tourists as far as Europe fall in love with its fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Many of these foreigners even settled down on the island to spend the rest of their lives. They build single-cottage beach houses along the shore but as time went by, construct a couple of new cottages instead to accommodate the growing number of tourists who seeks safe haven on the splendid island paradise. Two of the main attraction of the island is its crystal-clear waters and it's long stretch of powdery white sand. The stunning sunset will really spice those romantic walks on the beach. One of the reasons the island is famous is its peacefulness, the way a resort should be. Unsaturated beauty and a combination of sweet smiling natives made the island as it is now.

How to Reach

Bantayan island by plane from Cebu or by Bus and Vans for Hire from the North Cebu Bus Terminal.

From Cebu City
Take the plane via SEAIR flight departing from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport or take a bus ride at the North Cebu Bus Terminal which will take you about 3 hours to Hagnaya from which one desires to take the Island Express Ferry Boat for the 1 hour ride to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. Flying time to Bantayan Island is about 25 minutes or less. Recently, there is already a Ro-Ro boat going from Hagnaya to Santa Fe, you can take your car or SUV from Cebu all the way to Santa Fe for a fantastic island getaway

Key places to visit
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Places to Visit

Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño,

This church was built by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Fr. Andres Urdaneta on the site where the image of Santo Niño was found in 1565. The first structure of the church was, however, destroyed by fire on November 1, 1568. It was rebuilt in 1602 under the administration of Juan Albaran and was rehabilitated in 1740. On May 1965, the church was conferred the title of Basilica Minor del Santo Niño by Cardinal Antonuitte, Papal Legate during the Fourth Centennial celebration of the Christianization of Cebu.

Magellan's Cross

The replica of which contains the remnants of the original one planted by Ferdinand Magellan on Cebu's shores, stands within a wayside shrine commemorating the conversion of the first Filipinos to Christianity. Ceiling murals depict the first Catholic mass celebrated on Philippine shores.

Santa Fe Beach Club and Ogtong Cave Resort.

Seeking your private heaven or inching your way to a secret hideaway? Imagine a panoramic beachfront teeming of beautiful white sands and crystalline waters. Come to Santa Fe Beach Club!

Santa Fe is located 11 kilometers from Bantayan town, in the northern province of Cebu, Philippines ( see map guide). From the other side of the Santa Fe pier, you will find the
Santa Fe Beach Club and Ogtong Cave Resort. Experience the eclectic mix of warmth, Cebuano hospitality; centuries-old, town-and-rural atmosphere; and the exotic charm this beach exudes.

Experience Santa Fe, imagine heaven and experience it!
At Sta. Fe Beach Club, there are rooms to suit different tastes and needs. The cottages along the beach are cooled by the fresh sea breeze. Those who prefer quite luxury will enjoy the air-conditioned rooms in the three-story building. At the nearby Ogtong Cave is a spring-fed pool. There are more cottages there, surrounded by gardens where one can look out to sea and hear the call of birds. The staff will pamper you with the inimitable charm and hospitality of the Philippine small town.The restaurant, Majestic by the Sea, provides an array of delectable dishes, including the fresh seafood that Bantayan is famous for.

Right Time to Visit

January - February
August - October


February - April -> dry(°C)
May - July -> wet, rainy(°C)


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