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Aswan,Muhafazat Aswan

Muhafazat Aswan
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By plane

Aswan International Airport is situated 25km SSW of the city, on the west bank and just south of the high dam. Public buses don't go to the airport and security on the approach road to the terminal is tight, so it's probably worth taking a taxi, for which you must agree a price in advance. It is possible to argue the fare down to LE25, but LE30 to LE40 is more realistic (and easier) for most foreigners.

By train

Egypt's passenger train service runs along the Nile between Cairo and Aswan. Travel time to Luxor is around 3 hours on 1st/2nd class AC services. Five AC express services depart to Cairo each day, taking 13-14 hours (55LE 2nd class, 109LE 1st class), in addition to the Abela sleeper train. Tickets sell out so it important to buy a day or two in advance.

By bus

From Hurghada (513km away) buses cost 50LE. Tickets are sold on the bus, but be sure to ask the price at the ticket office, because the ticket seller on the bus will often raise the price 5LE or so and pocket the excess if you are a foreigner.

By boat

Dozens of cruise ships depart from Luxor to Aswan everyday. These can be booked through agents or at the actual ships themselves. Also a boat to Wadi Halfa in sudan departs once a week.

Key places to visit
Nubian Museum, Elephantine Island: Nubian Villages & Aswan Museum, Aswan Botanical Gardens, Seheyl Island


Places to Visit

Nubian Museum

daily 9AM-9:00PM. Very well organized, features Nubian treasures recovered before the flooding of Nubia. Adult: 50LE; Student: 25 0LE.

Elephantine Island: Nubian Villages & Aswan Museum

Nubian villages of Siou and Koti occupy this island. Also home to the famous Nilometers and the Temples of Sati, Khnum (ancient rams-head god) and Pepinakht-Heqaib. Movenpick resort is on the island. The Aswan Museum (Adult: 25LE, Student 15LE) at the southern end of the island houses items found during escavations on Elephantine Island. Also, be careful of unsolicited tours from locals, which will result in a request for baksheesh.

Aswan Botanical Gardens

Lord Kitchener, who owned the 6.8 hectare island in the 1890's converted it to a botanical garden. Filled with birds and hundreds of plant species and palm trees. Accessible via a felucca tour.

Seheyl Island

7AM to 4:00PM. Friendly Nubian villages. Well known for its excellent beaded jewelry. Also the location of the Famine Stela. Cliff with more than 200 inscriptions from the 18th dynasty, 65LE.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December