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By Air

A small general aviation airport (Flugplatz Aschaffenburg, ICAO-Code: EDFC) is located in nearby Großostheim. Frankfurt Airport is located 46 kilometers (30 miles) from Aschaffenburg and offers connections to destinations all over the world. The trip to and from the airport takes about 30 minutes by motor vehicle or approximately 45 minutes by InterCityExpress train.

By Train

Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) - The station has long-distance InterCityExpress and InterCity services as well as regional connections to neighboring towns and cities. A new, larger station building opened in 2011, replacing a smaller structure built during the 1950s.

Aschaffenburg-Hochschule/University of Applied Sciences - The stop, located by the Wuerzburger Strasse, opened in 2007 to accommodate students attending nearby schools. It is positioned between Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof and Aschaffenburg-Süd/South. There is only a single track platform.

Schönbusch-Nilkheim - The station closed when passenger service on the "Bachgaubahn" railway line ended in 1974.Leider - Freight railway terminal close to Aschaffenburg's port on the Main. There is no passenger service.All passenger train service is provided by the Deutsche Bahn.

By Road

Aschaffenburg is located on Bundesautobahn 3 between Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. The southern terminus of Bundesautobahn 45 is located just west of the city. Bundesstraße B 26 pass through the city. Bundestrasse B 8 used to pass through the city, but has now been rerouted along the Bundesautobahn 3. Three road bridges cross the river Main at Aschaffenburg: Ebert Bridge (a new span opened in 2008), Willigis Bridge and Adenauer Bridge. In the 1980s, a road tunnel was constructed under the Schlossplatz to improve traffic flow through the stadtmitte (city center).

The limited-access Innenstadtring or "inner-city-ring" road is currently under construction and is nearing completion. It allows motorists to bypass the stadtmitte (city center) and reduce traffic congestion in Aschaffenburg, which has been a problem in recent years. A large section of the road has already opened.

By Sea

Aschaffenburg has an active port along the Main in the district of Leider. There is railway access to the port. In 2005, 2.8 million tons of cargo passed through the port.

By Bus

Aschaffenburg has a comprehensive bus network serving all districts and the surrounding region. The 15 main bus lines which serve the districts of Aschaffenburg are run by Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg. There are several other bus lines which link Aschaffenburg with the surrounding region.


Taxis can be found at the following locations:

Aschaffenburg Hauptbahnhof (main railway station)
Stadthalle am Schloss
City Galerie shopping mall
Friedrichstrasse (near the Fubgangerzone)
Wermbachstrasse (by the Fubgangerzone).

Key places to visit
Stadtbibliothek Aschaffenburg, Schloss Johannisburg, City Galerie, Fußgangerzone, Naturwissenschaftlichen Museum Aschaffenburg, Viktoria Aschaffenburg, Dammer Tor, Frohsinnstrasse


Places to Visit

Naturwissenschaftlichen Museum Aschaffenburg

is a natural history museum located in the Schönborner Hof at Wermbachstraße 15, Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany. It is open daily except Wednesday; an admission fee is charged.

Since 1970 the museum has been housed in the former city palace of the Counts of Schönborn (built 1681), and currently contains a mineral collection, extensive butterfly collection, taxidermic collection of regional fauna, and herbarium (established 1900).

Viktoria Aschaffenburg

is a German football club based in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. Even though the city is located in Bavaria, Viktoria Aschaffenburg plays its football in the Hessenliga (V), rather than the Oberliga Bayern (V), against clubs from closer, neighbouring cities. This also reflects in part the history of the region, not traditionally part of Bavaria. The nearby Bavarian club FC Bayern Alzenau has also played in the Hessenliga for the same reasons.

A third-place finish in the Oberliga in 2007–08 meant the club became one of the four clubs from this league to gain entry in the Regionalliga Süd for the next season. After finishing 13th in the league in 2008–09, outside the relegation ranks, the club decided to return to the now-named Hessenliga due to financial reasons. Viktoria experienced a further drop at the end of the 2009-10 season when it was relegated to the tier-six Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd despite a eight place finish for financial reasons.

Schloss Johannisburg

Schloss Johannisburg is a castle in Aschaffenburg that was erected between 1605 and 1614 by Georg Ridinger. Until 1803, it was the second residence of the prince bishop of Mainz. It is constructed of red sandstone, the typical building material of the area around Aschaffenburg.

The castle is one of the main attractions of Aschaffenburg and its landmark. It is located in the center of the city, overlooking the waterside of the river Main. A keep from the destroyed 14th century castle that had formerly stood on the site was included in the construction and is the oldest part of the castle. Schloss Johannisburg is one of the most important buildings of the Renaissance period in Germany. At the end of the 18th century, the interior was restructured in the style of classicism.

City Galerie

The City Galerie, opened in 1974 and located in the city center (Stadtmitte), is the largest shopping mall in Northern Bavaria. It was one of the first indoor shopping malls to open in Germany. It was first renovated in 1984. From 1997 to 1999, it was expanded and modernized which included the opening of a new food court. In 2008, several new stores including H&M opened. Current stores include C&A, Esprit, Forever 18, Galeria Kaufhof, GameStop, H&M, Media Markt City (electronics), Müller & Penny Markt.


Aschaffenburg also has a pedestrian shopping zone (Fußgängerzone in German) closed to motor vehicles, except for deliveries. It is located in the city center (Stadtmitte). Several upscale stores have opened in this zone in recent years. There are also several restaurants and cafes. The following streets & alleys are included in this zone: Roßmarkt, Herstallstraße, Steingasse and Sandgasse.

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