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Departamento de Artigas
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By Air

Artigas International Airport (IATA: ATI, ICAO: SUAG) is the airport serving Artigas, Uruguay.The airport was opened in November 1973.Currently no scheduled flights operate at this airport.The airport is located 3 km from downtown Artigas.

By Train

a railroad coming from Montevideo through Salto and Paysandu enter the department sends a branch to Bella Union by which communicates with an international branch Quarai bar.The other branch reaches the city of Artigas.Unfortunately since 1986 the railway is closed Artigas.

By Road

The city is connected to the city of Quarai in Brazil through the International Bridge in Concord.With the rest of the country the city is connected via 2 national routes.Route 30: born on Route 3 to 5 km from Bella Union, passed by the city of Artigas (this section is 135 km long), culminating in the department of Rivera on Route 5, thereby connecting the provincial capital with the city of Montevideo, about 600 km distant.Route 4: Connect Artigas with the city of Salto (approximately 210 km distant) to a stretch of Route 31.

Key places to visit
Carnival of Artigas, Matias Gonzalez Stadium, Artigas Square


Places to Visit

Carnival of Artigas

The Carnival of the city of Artigas, Artigas Department, Uruguay, is the main festival of the department, attracting thousands of visitors each year.Inspired by the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, adapting its regulations, music, dance and aesthetic styles.Between eighteen thousand and twenty thousand people attend each day to witness the parade, the amount of tourists from other parts of Uruguay and other countries in the region exceeded every year making it difficult to determine accurately the numbers of tourists invade the city.The current champion is the Samba School District Rampla, founded in 1989, who holds the title more continuously since 2007.

Matias Gonzalez Stadium

Matias Gonzalez Stadium is a stadium in Uruguay is located in the city of Artigas, capital of the department homonino.It is located on the Paseo, September 7 just meters from the International Bridge in Concord.It is the largest stadium in the department of Artigas with a capacity for 6,000 spectators.It is named in honor of the only player inside the country born in Artigas who participated in the World Football Championship 1950 in the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (the Maracana).It belongs to the municipality of Artigas and compete for the league matches and interdepartmental.

Artigas Square

Artigas Square has a large space used in various events with gardens around them children's play space, and its main attraction the monument of General Jose Artigas fully bronze.The base of the monument is made of more than 6,000 platelets agates, polished by craftsmen artiguenses.In 1956 he was buried in that place the "Box of Memories" with photos and writings of the time to be opened in the year 2052.

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May - August
October - November