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Anshun is a city in Guizhou Province, southwestern China. The city is rather small, but the huge waterfalls and caves in the surrounding area make this city a popular stop in most trips to Guizhou.

How to Reach

By Bus

Frequent buses travel between Guiyang and Anshun. The trip takes about 2 hours. There is still almost one hour's trip from Anshun to the famous waterfall, Huangguoshu.

Key places to visit
Huangguoshu Falls, Zhijin Cave


Places to Visit

Huangguoshu Falls

Located on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in China, Huangguoshu Falls is famous at home and abroad for the magnificent Grand Huangguoshu Falls and the densely distributed waterfall cluster. It has been enjoying the fame of "No.1 Falls in China". Having an average altitude of around 2000m, this place is of typical karst topography and is blessed with soundly-protected natural scene. 

Zhijin Cave

"One of Top Six Most Beautiful Show Caves in China"
Ranked by China National Geoegraphy Magazin

Zhijin Cave in Zhijin County, Bijie City of Guizhou Province: Kingdom of Caves

The cave is situated in the Bijie Prefecture of Guizhou Province, between the Liuchong and Sancha Rivers, both of them sources of the Wujiang River.

The Zhijin Cave is dry cave that lost its subterranean river long, long ago.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December


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