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By plane

Anshan airport is located to the south east of the city centre, about 30 minutes away by car and adjacent to the Anshan South exit on the Shenda express way. The airport serves domestic routes only and currently has just one inbound and outbound flight per day connecting to Beijing.

The next nearest airport to Anshan is Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE) simplified Chinese. This is some 90km away and takes about 2 hours to reach by road. There are coaches running regularly between Anshan and Shenyang airport. A more frequent coach service runs from the center of Shenyang, see below. Alternatively, a taxi can be hired.

By Car

Anshan has two exits on the main Shen-Da Expressway which runs between Shenyang and Dalian. The first exit is due west of the city, the second is towards the southern end and is signposted as "Anshan South".

By bus

Anshan's long distance coach station is in the center of town on the southern side of the square beside the train station. Regular coaches run to Anshan from most neighboring cities and other regions too. Coaches to and from Shenyang run as frequently as every 10 or 15 minutes. Effectively they leave when full.

By train

Anshan is on the main line between Dalian and Shenyang. There are direct trains from most cities in Liaoning and neighboring provinces such as Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia as well as to Beijing.

By taxi

A taxi from Shenyang to Anshan will by the meter. Many drivers in Anshan will negotiate a significantly cheaper rate, typical between and each way.

Key places to visit
Jade Buddha Temple, Qianshan National Park, Dongshan Park


Places to Visit

Jade Buddha Temple

Claiming to be the worlds largest Jade statue of the Buddha and carved form the worlds largest single piece of Jade stone, at almost 8 meters high and weighing in at 260.76 tons, this is an impressive sight. The statue is housed within a large temple complex in the Dongshan section of 219 park.

Qianshan National Park

Qianshan literally means 'thousand mountains' and that is the impression you get as you look up at the jagged peaks. The name is actually and abbreviation of 'thousand lotus flower mountains'. The peaks were said to resemble the petals of the lotus flower which had been dropped to earth by a goddess. The area is filled with many Buddhist and Taoist temples and monasteris and nunneries.

Dongshan Park

This is a network of paths, the longest of which is a 5km path way runs along the crest of the hills that form the eastern flank of the city. The Park covers 975 hectares of which 946 hectares is woodland and 22 hectares is water. Dongshan translates as East Mountain. Views can be enjoyed of the city and surrounding land as you stroll through dense woodland. Approximately half way along, a tower on the high point of the ridge, allows you to rest while taking in the views.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December