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Hill Station
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By Air: Pantnagar, located 125 km away from Almora, is the nearest airport is Pantnagar. Flights from Pantanagar airport connects Delhi on alternate days.

By Rail: Almora can be easily assessed by train. Kathgodam railway station is just 91 km from away from the main town and regular train operates from the nearby cities.

By Road: Communication from major Indian cities to Almora is convenient by roads. Comfortable bus services from both state transport and private tourist companies links Almore to Delhi and neighboring areas.

Key places to visit
Almora Fort, Nanda Devi Temple, Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum, The Mall, Lakhuudiyar, Deer Park (3 kms), Chitai Temple (8 kms), Binsar (30 km)


Places to Visit

Almora Fort
Recently renovated into the District Collector’s Office, the Almora Fort is one of the precious gift to the Almora Hill station by the archaic Chand Dynasty. A pan view of the fort will offer you the complex architectural style of past era.

Nanda Devi Temple
Carved beautifully by creative intellect, Nanda Devi Temple date back to the 1000-year and is one of the major tourist place in Almora. The temple is fumed with the strong faith of million of pilgrims all around the world. The best time to visit the temple is during the festive aura, when youths from various hilly region assemble to showcase their entertaining dance programmes.

Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum
Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum is one of the popular exhibition center in Almora. It is located near Almora bus stand and is the only museum in the hill-station. Sprawling collections depicting the history, archeology and culture of ancient era are not left without gaining appreciation by the visitors. Noteworthy paintings in the Aspen and Kumaoni folk style are antique part of the museum. Precious items of the Katyuri and Chand dynasties are also show-cased in the big hall.

The Mall
A popular tourist hub is the Mall of Almora. It is located parallel to the market area of the hill-station. The area beholds the picturesque of the buildings and shops carved traditionally with wooden windows and door ways.

Architectural work in Almora's express the inherent history of bygone dynasty to a great extend and Lakhuudiyar one such important place which treasures an array of prehistoric rock paintings of human beings, animals, lizards, group of dancers and et al.

Deer Park (3 kms)
Other then gazing at the nature's beauty, one can stretch their journey to the popular Deer park situated only 3 kms. away from Almora. Explore the narrow way across the pine trees and catch hold of the wild abode of some of the endangered species like deer, leopards and the Himalayan black bear.

Kasar Devi (6 kms)
Kasar Devi temple, built during the 2ndcentury s just 6km away from the main Almora town. It is situated near Kalimatt and visitors, to reach the doorways of the temple has to trek less than 1 km.

Chitai Temple (8 kms)
Dedicated to Lord Golu, this holy Chitai temple is 8 km away from Almora and is highly visited by the tourist. Pilgrims believe that this temple has the magical power of fulfilling desired wishes and hence preserve the tradition of hanging a bell after its fulfillment. Visitors, can easily capture the majestic view of the Great Himalaya from the temple premises. Just walking for an hour helps them encounter the dense pine forest.

Binsar (30 km)
Another holy place, Binsar is situated at a distance of 35 km from Almora hill station. Devotees believe that the name of the place is borrowed from the name of the Lord Shiva known as Binsar Deo. Other than offering prayer in the temple, visitors can enjoy the exclusive view of the Kumaon part of Himalayas or can move around the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and click some interesting pictures.

Katarmal (17 km)
A holy trip to Katarmal, about 7 km away from Almore is worth making. This sacred temple is 800 year old Sun temple and marks its priority after the Konark Sun temple of Orrisa. The temple wall is carved in the unique architectural style and the various sculptured image clearly speaks of the historical remarks. This temple complex has one main temple with the surrounding 45 small shrines.

Jageshwar (34 km)
A popular expedition from Almore is the gateway to Jageshwar, some 33 km away from the hill-station. The place is remarkably known as the Hindu pilgrimage center. As per the Hindu mythology Jageshwar holds one among the twelve Jyothirlingas. The place also marks the important meeting point of the two sacred river-the Surabhi and the Nandini. History indicates that the temple complex is built between 8th and 18th centuries, almost having 124 small temples each demonstrating the craftsmanship during that period.


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