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Agadir is a major city in southwest Morocco, capital of the Agadir province (MA-AGD) and the Sous-Massa-Draa economic region.The word Agadir means in Berber "wall, masoned wall enclosing a town, fortress,town".It is a loanword from Phoenician.Agadir has a population of 678,596 (2004 census figures for the agglomeration include the nearby cities of Inezgane and Ait Melloul).The population of the city proper is estimated at 200,000.The mild winter climate (January average midday temperature 20.5°C) and good beaches have made it a major "winter sun" destination for Northern Europeans.The mayor is Tariq Kabbaj.

The city is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, near the foot of the Atlas Mountains,just north of the point where the Souss River flows into the ocean.Agadir is an important fishing and commercial port, the first sardine port in the world,(exporting cobalt, manganese, zinc and citrus).It is also a seaside resort with a long sandy beach.Because of its large buildings, wide roads,modern hotels, and European-style cafes, Agadir is not a typical city of traditional Morocco, but it is a modern, busy and dynamic town.

During medieval times,there was only a fishing village there, Agadir el-arba.In 1505 the Portuguese established a trading post named Santa Cruz do Cabo de Gue,under a governor.In 1541,the city came under Saadian control in the Fall of Agadir, and a stronghold was built on the top of the hill overlooking the bay, the in Kasbah.Agadir became prosperous for two centuries. But in 1731, the town was completely destroyed by an earthquake.The harbour of Agadir was then ordered to be closed when Essaouira was established further north.In 1911,the arrival of a German gunboat (the Panther),officially to protect the local German community, triggered the Agadir Crisis between France and Germany which allowed France, in 1913, to occupy nearly the whole kingdom of Morocco.

At 15 minutes to midnight on February 29, 1960,Agadir was almost totally destroyed by an earthquake that lasted 15 seconds,burying the city and killing thousands.The death toll is estimated at 15,000.The earthquake destroyed the ancient Kasbah.On its front gate can still be read the following sentence in Dutch: "Fear God and honour thy King".On seeing the destruction in Agadir, King Muhammad V of Morocco declared: "If Destiny decided the destruction of Agadir,its rebuilding depends of our Faith and Will.Reconstruction began in 1961,two kilometers south of the earthquake epicentre.

How to Reach

By Air

Agadir is served by Al Massira Airport, located 22 kilometers from the city. Agadir has the biggest Souk in Morocco (Souk Lhed).Agadir has an international airport with direct scheduled flights coming in major cities in Europe as well as many charter flights arriving from all over Europe. If you are flying from the US, Canada, Asia or elsewhere, you'll have to change planes in Casablanca.

By Bus
Agadir's bus station is at the Sahara hotel's parking,and it is possible to take grand taxis there. Inezgane is around 10 kilometres away and is the region's bus hub.It is very usual to arrive there and not at Agadir.The grand taxi to Agadir costs from 4 Dh/person,regular busses go there for 3–4 Dh/person.Go to Inezgene from the airport, which is closer, easier to catch there bus to Marrakech (3 hours, 100 Dh), Ouarzazate, Taroudannt and other places.Not touristic as modern Agadir.

Key places to visit
Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh, Kasbah Agadir, Souss Massa National Park, Tiznit, Taroudant, Taghazout village, Ouzoud Falls, Tafraoute


Places to Visit

Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh

which exhibits a small collection of Berber objects from 18th and 19th century the likes of old Berber music instruments, Berber jewelry, traditional clothing and old manuscripts.

Kasbah Agadir

Is the big building on the hill overlooking the bay of Agadir. You can recognize the hill very easily because of the giant 'Be The Kasbah is the ancient ruined walls of the old city. It is at the top of a hill which looms up over the whole town, the hill itself has writings engraved on it in Arabic which means God, King, Country.Three things which Moroccans are not to say anything bad about. This is lit up and night and looks quite pretty. You can get a taxi up the hill it's about £1 and you can arrange for a bit extra for the driver to wait for you or you can walk back down. The view from the top is very nice; you have hills over one side and the view of Agadir over the other. There are guides who attach themselves immediately to you and walk you round explaining the ruins to you and then demand money from you afterwards. There are all also camel rides available up there which is very nice, traditional and romantic. To walk down afterwards, it takes about 45 minutes.

Souss Massa National Park

The Souss Massa National Park is greatly a rich place with varied birds coming during winter seasons from many parts of the world.A full day trip for nature lovers.We will take a drive in a 4x4 vehicle along the beach from Tifnit to Sidi Rbat. Visit the amazing bird reserve in the mouth of the Massa River.You can see here birds and goats. It could be a good alternative for fogy days.Inside the zoo there is a small waterfall with road view with wonderful sight that allows people to have a look .its not far from the beach, just leave the beach and see different birds and hear their varied voices.

Taghazout village

Is the best surf spot in Africa and Morocco.The best season for surfing is from October to April.
Situated on the north of Agadir city ,it is a surfing village that attracts many surfers from around the world ,it has a special ambiance with big waves that rock you while feel the best feelings you are looking for There are apartments for rent and also apartments for sale with sea view and balcony ,it is an incredible place.


Tiznit is beautiful town with walls fortifying the main city centre. Located in Agadir this place is a major attraction for tourists who visit Agadir.Go for a walk around the wall that surrounds the city.The wall built in 19th century is a nice thing to see.The Bab Al- Madher,one of the gates that lead to the city,is worth seeing. Besides this you can see a Muslim cemetery.The idea of visiting a cemetery is not good enough but tourists mostly visit the spot in order to see the white ‘Marabous tomb’.
Also visit the Source bleu which is a tribute to the town patroness Lalla Tiznit.The blue Source situated around the mosque is another major attraction for the tourists who visit the city of Tiznit.


If you're traveling between the Moroccan Coast and the Interior, we suggest a detour to Taroudant.  Called the "Grandmother of Marrakech" it has the feel of a small market town on some caravan route. Taroudant is noted for its local crafts and you can pick up some nice bargains here.It felt good to leave Agadir after two weeks,and the bus ride to Taroudant wasn’t bad. We soon found ourselves in an old Royal Palace,converted into a luxury hotel.We enjoyed a nice lunch of grilled chicken by the pools and fountains in the incredibly lush courtyards,replete with scurrying wait staff in white coats, rushing around trying to keep all the tourists happy.

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