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Adana Sakirpasa Airport (IATA: ADA, ICAO: LTAF) is an airport on the outskirts of the city of Adana. It's a fairly short cab ride to city center and is served frequently by dolmus.

By Train

Trains arrive from all over Turkey, including the İç Anadolu Mavi Treni, which departs from Istanbul's Haydarpaşa station at 11:50PM every evening and arrives at 6:40 PM the next evening, with a journey time of about 19 hours. There is also a once-weekly train service from Aleppo, Syria, departing on Fridays at 3AM from Aleppo and calling at Adana station at 11:05AM same day. They cost about € 13 pp.

By bus

Buses leave Adana frequently to Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and other places. From Istanbul, it takes about 12 hrs and cost 50 TL pp. There are several companies to choose between, for example Varan , Ulusoy, Metro. Observe that Adana has two bus stations, one almost in the center close to Hilton and one about 4 km west of the city center, with a local bus connecting them.

Key places to visit
Adana Center for Arts and Culture, Misis Mosaic Museum, Ataturk Museum, Taskopru (Stone Bridge), Ramazanoglu Hall, Sabancı Merkez Camii (Sabancı Central Mosque)


Places to Visit

Adana Center for Arts and Culture

Adana Center for Arts and Culture is a public facility for cultural events operating at the historical state building of Adana that served as a school for most of its history. The center is located on the west bank of Seyhan River just south of the Taşköprü, on Seyhan Street.

Misis Mosaic Museum

Misis Mosaic Museum exhibits the works that were excavated from Misis Tumulus, most notable are the mosaics that were on the floor of a 4th century temple in the ancient city of Misis. The museum is founded in 1959 in Yakapınar village on the far east end of Adana at the west bank of Ceyhan river.

Ataturk Museum

Atatürk Museum exhibits War of Independence and the first years of Republic at the mansion, Atatürk stayed during his trips to Adana. Overlooking to the Seyhan River, the museum is located on Seyhan Street and it is open to public every day except Mondays. Atatürk's visit to Adana is officially celebrated in this building every year on 15 March.

Taskopru (Stone Bridge)

Stone Bridge is a Roman bridge spanning the Seyhan River in Adana. Throughout ancient Anatolia and Persia, the bridge was a vital contribution to the trade routes and until 2007, it was one of the oldest bridges in the world to be open to motorized vehicles. It was then set for pedestrians only, now hosting social and cultural events.
The bridge was known with different names throughout the history; Saros bridge, Justinian bridge and finally Taskopru.

Ramazanoglu Hall

Ramazanoglu Hall is the old government residence of the Ramadanids located in Adana. Currently used as a cultural center, it is one of the oldest samples of a mansion in Turkey. Located southeast of the Ulu Camii, it was the Haremlik of the Ramadanid family and besides being a fine expression of modesty of the emirate, it is also an important work resembling the Mamluk mansions of Egypt.

Sabancı Merkez Camii (Sabancı Central Mosque)

Sabancı Central Mosque in Adana is the largest mosque in Turkey. The exterior of the mosque is similar to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue mosque) in Istanbul while the interior decoration is similar to the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne.
Sabanci Central Mosque, which went into service in 1998, is built on a total of 52,600 square meter of land and has a closed area of 6,600 square meters.

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