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By train

Most travellers arrive at Abydos by train north from Luxor, alighting at the station for the town of al-Balyana. The fare is approximately LE 52, first class. From the station, either the tourist police or a police-escorted taxi will take you to the site of the Ramesside temples. Depending on local conditions and police levels of business, you should be able to get at least a couple of hours visiting the site.

By Car

You can go by taxi in the police-escorted convoy to Abydos in one day, often including Dendera as a stop-off point. Negotiated prices should be in the range of LE 200-300 for the hire of the taxi, with maybe 2-3 passengers. This manner of visiting, however, normally results in very restricted time at the sites and visiting the temples (usually less than an hour). Also available are minibus tours from agents in Luxor, usually with a local guide of variable quality. These also travel with the escorted convoy, and can be a reasonable deal for a small group if you haggle, especially in off-season. Expect to pay around LE 300 - 400 per person, dependent on size of your group, time of year and your haggling skills. The major UK, US and European holiday companies also offer escorted tours, but these can be expensive.

Key places to visit
Temple of Seti , Seti I temple


Places to Visit

Temple of Seti I

magnificent temple reliefs and the King List. The raised reliefs in the temple are some of the finest quality in all Egypt, incredibly beautiful and detailed. Although the lighting in the interior of the temple can be somewhat gloomy in places, the reliefs still stand out as exceptional. Visitors should note that the reliefs on the outer portions of the temple were completed during the reign of Ramses II, and are of a much lower quality than those further inside the complex.

Seti I temple

We went from Luxor with the convoy to Abydos. It took about three hours to get there. So the trip was not long. Abydos lies about 145 km north from Luxor.At Abydos we had 2 hours time to visit the temple. That is not even nearly enough time to visit this temple.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December